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Music pile up

2014-08-10 19:35:25 by DayDreamingFox

Well would you look at that! I found a pile of non uploaded songs! Piles and piles coming up.


Lets plays!

2014-03-06 08:49:56 by DayDreamingFox

Hey everyone! :3 I started making comical lets play videos ( to get to include my made music with videos more) that include randomly my own songs. Take a peek if you are interested! :D! :3 PS: you can hear some usage of my songs in the "RECEIVER" game. 


2014-02-04 10:25:36 by DayDreamingFox

Follow me and music posts/random posts at 

i have moved to youtube to upload and create more relaxation tracks, together with videos. emi

I do hope to see as many as possible there also!

Relaxation and meditation tracks wait yet!

- Mustikkaniemi

A while ago, i composed together with my very good friend, calming Acoustic guitar song. /262959

Now, after many questions from listeners, his Acoustic Guitar music is available on his own homepage in Myspace!

I can recommend his calming, thoughts provoking music very warmly! Check him out!

For all Acoustic Guitar music lovers!

Since i moved from using Tracker programs to Cubase kind programs, i will be also moving to this new account. :)

i used to my tracker based songs and it will stay there, but the new posts of Cubase programs will be on this account. :)

just keeping the relaxing songies rolling. ^_~